Christmas, Your Pets and You


‘Tis the season for Christmas “evergreens,” the stories and blogs media outlets rely on to fill space during the shorter-staffed holiday season with material that’ll work no matter which day of the month they’re published, or in some cases which year.

One of those perennials is the holiday pet safety warning, which tells you exactly how many bad things could happen to your cat or dog during the holidays — the potential hazards could be the lights on the tree, the cookies on the table, plants brought as gifts to the host, batteries purchased to power electric or electronic gifts, and more.

While those articles are always helpful and can be life-saving (basically, keep your animals away from all of these), they equate the holidays to a time of potential disaster for these creatures who are as much a part of the family as any human.

But let’s take a moment to remind ourselves about how pets enjoy these days as much as we do, grasping the joy and excitement even if they can’t grasp the concepts their owners create around them.

Think of the little dog who left presents under the tree unmolested until Christmas morning, when, trembling with excitement as her people held them in their hands, joyfully ripped shreds of paper off them, no matter who they were actually for.

Remember how a novice cat owner wrapped presents weeks before the holiday, somehow not realizing the catnip content would make them an immediate target for their intended recipients.

Smile at your own joy at realizing, sometimes with a jolt of surprise (especially if you were shopping for a cat) your pet actually loves the present you picked out!

These are all part of having pets to share the holidays with, and even more reason to protect your animals from the occasional dangers they can prevent.