Gifts to Keep Your Pet Healthy All Year Long


The holidays are approaching, or maybe it’s a doggie birthday or kitty adoptiversary. Whatever the occasion, our pets can be the hardest members of our families to shop for. Like with anyone, you want to make sure these presents will actually be played with, chewed on, buried, whatever floats their little boats.

You can’t really ask them and they’re always full of surprises, even if you think you know exactly what they like and dislike.

One thing you can do is make sure whatever you give to your sweet dog or cat has value for their health and development.  Here are some more thoughts on healthy gifts for your furry favorites!

Annual vet visits — Your pet may or may not feel this a joyful occasion, but getting these exams and tests done are crucial for making sure they are in their best health, so you can have another happy year together.

Stimulating toys — Especially for dogs, a beloved toy keeps them calm (well, maybe) and occupied, especially when they’re alone in the house. Cats are notorious for finding their bliss in boxes, bags, wrappers, crumpled paper, pens, straws or anything else not made for them, but finding safe, durable toys they’ll come back to is always a good thing.

Whiskers Barkery, as you may know, is Prescott’s “pet toy central,” with tons of cat and dog toys for all sizes and breeds, designed for puppies/kittens to seniors. Bring your pet in and we’ll help decide which is right for them!

Healthy treats — We have many treats here, all made with pet-safe ingredients and many without gluten or other ingredients your pet may need to avoid! Our glass case of baked doggie treats is one of the centerpieces of our store, and we have tons of packaged everyday treats for dogs and cats alike!

You can also give them some healthy bites from your fridge, though not all veggies and meats are safe for pets. Apple slices without seeds, green beans and carrots are nutritious choices for dogs and cats, though the latter two should be steamed for kitty consumption. Bits of boneless baked salmon, haddock or tuna, and even dogs enjoy the occasional fish filet.

Grooming — Making sure your pet is clean and pest- and odor-free makes a huge difference in their overall health. Cats spend most of their time doing this anyway, but you should brush them regularly to reduce hairballs and use a pet wipe on them once in a while, especially if they have trouble cleaning themselves. If they end up in a really messy situation, of course they should be bathed, painful as it may be for both of you.

Dogs are a different animal. A rough rule of thumb is one bath per month, more if they have an oily coat, and short-haired dogs can get by with less. We have a full-service dog grooming salon providing bath and brush appointments, with or without haircuts, plus express and spa packages. We also have a DIY dog wash available Friday and Saturday from 10-4, complete with oversized tub, shampoo, towels and aprons,

Visit us! We’re at 225 W. Gurley St. in beautiful downtown Prescott, open Monday-Saturday 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Leashed pets are always welcome!  Learn more about our merch and services by calling us at 928-776-8700 or visiting